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the life of a bootie maker...

about the crochet artist, Heather Haider

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit the About Heather’s Treasure Box page.

You will notice when browsing the site that things are frequently written using the Royal “We”. However there is really only just one person behind the making of the products on this site. That’s me—Heather Haider.

I live just north of Seattle, Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband Richard, and our son Andrew.

I have always been a very creative person and I enjoy making things. I taught myself to crochet when I was in the third grade. By the time I was in junior high I was selling my crocheted dolls and baby items professionally at craft fairs with my Mom.

In 2001 my son, Andrew was born. In the months before his birth I wanted him to have very special, handmade things when he was born. I made a pair of booties for him. A friend saw them and wanted a pair, so I made a pair for her. Then other people saw them and wanted them also. That was the start of Heather’s Treasure Box.

Over the years I have designed and added new styles to my product line. I take great pride in lovingly creating each and every stitch and I’ve made literally hundreds of pairs of booties. I’ve won awards for my crocheted items. My products have been featured in National Magazines such as Parents Magazine (November 2006) and Real Simple magazine gift guide.

My mission is to create the very highest quality product available, with love. I look forward to making something for you too.

Have a bootie-full day!

Heather Haider

[email protected]